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In support of National Apprenticeship Week, we chatted with Compliance Apprentice, Sinead Croucamp.

We asked Sinead to tell us a bit about how she started her apprenticeship, what it’s been like working for believe housing, and what a typical day in her role looks like.


When did you start your apprenticeship?

I started in November of 2018 to do my level 2 business administration apprenticeship and in June 2020 progressed onto my level 3.

How did you hear about the apprenticeship opportunity?

I heard about it through apprenticeships.gov.uk website as well as a college apprenticeship rep at East Durham College.

What made you choose believe housing?

The values held by believe matched my own, I could see myself starting my career path here.

What is your role with believe housing? 

I started as a Compliance Apprentice, and I have now moved into a permanent role as Compliance Technical Support.

Describe a typical day in your role 

At the moment I have a focus on helping with the Legionella area, as well as picking up a few supporting jobs for other members of the compliance team. My typical day sees me start between 7am-9am, I create my to do list for the day and work my way through it, updating whoever has requested a task be done once I’ve completed it. Typical jobs within my day-to-day role include looking through asbestos surveys, reading and logging legionella risk assessments, creating written reviews, raising orders, and liaising with tenants for appointments.

What have you enjoyed the most? Any highlights?

I’ve enjoyed the learning aspect of my job the most, no two days are the same and not all days are spent in the office, so my knowledge is forever expanding. Highlights have included attending awards ceremonies with the team, learning how to carry out some of the in-person tasks such as inspections, and speaking with tenants in our housing plus units.

And you were recognised with a Rising Star award? That’s great!

Yes, I received the Rising Star award at the ASCP Safety and Compliance conference in September, alongside Jake Dowson and Rachel Copping Sommerson.  The award recognises a newcomer or junior team member for their hard work and dedication who is making a difference in their organisation, bringing improvements for residents or working towards positive change in the industry.

What have you found difficult or a challenge?

Carrying out my apprenticeship during covid was a challenge I had to overcome. I went from being in a bustling office with continual support to working from home and losing that direct contact with my team, I had to learn to work on my own as well as communicate more clearly when I needed to.

Overall, it helped me to work better as I became more disciplined in my work deadlines and increased my contact with members of my team where I had to make the time to talk to them. I now prefer to work hybrid as I feel like it makes me more productive.

How has your apprenticeship helped you?

My apprenticeship helped me to realise my own potential as I continued to develop my skills and gain experience, it also introduced me to the working world in a really beneficial way.  Initially, I couldn’t send emails without having them be proofread or do outgoing calls as I wasn’t confident enough. I struggled with understanding the technical jargon of the subjects I was working around.

I now have the confidence that I’ve built from experience to take on any tasks that are given to me, and I enjoy liaising with tenants and contractors, working with data, and take pride in the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the process.

Are you moving into a permanent role? 

I’m now in a permanent position within my team as Compliance Technical Support and it’s greatly due to the apprenticeship.

What advice would you give other apprentices or anyone thinking about applying for an apprenticeship? 

Go for it, there’s nothing more valuable than having experience as well as intelligence in a subject. You do nothing but gain when you start an apprenticeship, the degrees are just a bonus to the career path you’ve gotten a head start in.


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