energy-saving tips

believe housing offers tips to save electricity and energy for customers who may be impacted by the increase of household energy bills.

save electricity and energy

believe housing is working towards making customers’ homes warmer and more energy efficient – helping you to save energy and reducing our impact on the environment as part of our green pledge.

We actively seek external funding and schemes that could help believe housing or our customers to update properties, and regularly work with other organisations to do this.

Energy usage

Get a smart meter to track your energy consumption with real-time information. They send automatic meter readings to suppliers (so you only pay for what you use instead of getting estimated bills) and display usage in pounds and pence (to help you identify where you can save electricity).

Warmth without waste

Almost half of your energy bill comes from heating and hot water usage. Turn your heating down by 1 degree if it is comfortable to do so to save energy – maintaining a steady 18 degrees is better than turning the up and down.

Hot water

Hot water needs to be hot but never scalding. For most people the cylinder thermostat set at 60˚c is fine for bathing and washing.


Avoid leaving devices like TVs and games consoles on standby and don’t charge mobile phones unnecessarily. This energy-saving tip will save electricity.

Bright idea

Always turn off lights when not required and open curtains or blinds as wide as possible during the day to let as much daylight in as possible.

Shut out the cold

Close curtains at dusk to stop heat leaking through windows, tuck curtains behind radiators and use draught excluders on doors.

Keep it clean

Filling your washing machine, tumble drier, or dishwasher as one full load uses less energy that two half loads, wash clothes at a lower temperature and if you wash up in the sink, try a washing up bowl.

Just the cuppa

Only heat the amount of water you really need in the kettle.

Water way

More than a quarter of water used in the home is in the shower – try taking shorter showers by only staying in there for the time it takes to sing your favourite song.

Big purchases

When buying a new appliance, if you can afford it, choose one with a high energy-efficiency rating to save energy.

in need of additional support?

Our energy-saving tips are designed to help you manage your bills more efficiently. but if you feel your home is cold, you're struggling with the bills, or you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, talk to us.

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