believe housing community grant application form

Before applying for believe housing community grant please ensure:

  • Your project will be of benefit to one or more of the areas believe housing operates in
  • You can provide a start date for the project
  • You can provide detailed and accurate costings for your initiative
  • You have quotes to show how costs have been calculated, if applicable
  • Evidence of match funding you have secured is available, if applicable
  • Documents such as insurance certificates, if appropriate, are available
  • Safeguarding arrangements and health and safety measures are in place where necessary
  • You can provide a signed and dated constitution or governance document
  • You are applying in advance of your project starting. Applications are discussed by the panel at the start of each month; we are unable to fund projects that have already taken place.
  • You have a bank account with two unrelated signatories.
  • You can provide us with two named contacts for your project.

terms & conditions

Before completing the believe housing community grant, please read our short list of terms and conditions in detail by clicking the link below and then returning to complete the application form.

view terms & conditions

Please provide two named contacts for your project

Primary contact:

Additional contact:

Please select your type of organisation:

What geographical area does the project cover? Please refer to guidelines here to identify areas where believe housing operates:

Please tell us a bit more about your project in no more than 300 words, including:

  • Details of what you would like to achieve
  • How it will benefit believe housing's tenants, neighbourhoods and communities
  • What targets and outcomes the project will have
  • How many people will benefit.

Please select which areas your project will address, if any:

Funding requested

Please complete the table below with details of the 'item' or 'activity' your project requires, its actual cost and the amount requested as a believe housing community grant:

Item or activity Total cost (£) Amount requested from
believe housing (£)
Match funding
(if applicable) (£)
Totals (£):


By submitting this application you are confirming that:

  • I have read and understood the guidance notes
  • The information provided is to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate
  • If my application is successful, the grant awarded will only be used for the purposes stated in this form
  • I agree to keep a record of all financial transactions relating to the grant awarded and will forward receipts/invoices as required
  • I agree to complete the believe housing community grant evaluation form following the project.

Groups with successful grant applications will be required to consent to any publicity and marketing that believe housing may require. This may include, but is not limited to, press and online activities of both funds being awarded and the outcomes of approved projects. Should you carry out future promotion of the outcomes of your grant application, you must reference believe housing (using relevant brand guidelines and logo(s) where required), with approval via the group’s Funding Officer.

Check this box to agree to the above terms

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