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community investment capital grant application form

Are you applying for between £10,000 - £20,000?
Does your project include both capital and revenue costs?
Does your project meet the funding criteria and requirements?
Do you have a bank account with two unrelated signatories?
Can you start your project within one month of the first payment instalment and deliver it safely and legally in line with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) government guidelines?
Have you read the terms and conditions and are you able to agree to these if your funding application is successful?

Please note: the application form cannot be saved as you go along, it must be completed and submitted in one go.

Please provide two named contacts for your project

main contact:

secondary contact:

what type of organisation are you?

Please tell us about your project

What geographical area does the project cover? Please refer to guidance notes to identify our priority areas.

If you are using match funding please let us know where it is coming from, the value and whether the funding is confirmed

about your organisation

Please provide us with some background information about your organisation including an example of a previous project. (500 words).

about your project

Please provide us with some background information about your project and how it meets the grant criteria (500 words).

If your project involves partnership working, please provide details of the organisations you will be working with and their role (150 words).

Please describe how you will target/recruit believe housing tenants for your project. (100 words)

Which groups of people will be able to access your project?

If you indicated ‘no’ for a group of people please explain why they are excluded.

What positive action will you take to ensure that a diverse range of people can access the project?

please tick which priority(ies) your project will achieve:

what are your targets?

Targets are specific aims of the project for example the number of people engaged. Any targets should be realistic, achievable and specific to your project outcomes. To satisfy the funding criteria a minimum of 30% of the project beneficiaries need to be a believe housing tenant from one of our priority areas.

what is the target? how many of our tenants from our priority areas will benefit? overall how many people will benefit?

what are your project milestones?

To allow us to track the progress of your project, please tell us about the milestones. A milestone is a specific point in time used to measure the progress of the project toward its ultimate goal. We need to know about the key milestones during the project at which a stage or activity is completed, for example key activities, tasks and services.

milestone timescale/deadlines

what are the outcomes of your project?

Outcomes are the longer-term differences and changes that result from the project rather than the activities that you will deliver. They should describe who will benefit, how it will benefit them and what the change will be at the end of the project.

outcome description how do you know there is a need?


Do you think the project will continue after the initial funding period? If so, please explain how you will work towards sustaining the project and what support you may require from believe housing or other agencies.


believe housing operates a staff volunteering scheme. If you’re interested in utilising staff volunteers to support your project, please provide some details of the opportunity below:

project costing

Please provide a breakdown and description of all the project costs below.

Item or activity Total cost (£) Amount requested from
believe housing (£)
Match funding
(if applicable) (£)
Totals (£):

risk assessment

Please provide details on potential risks to the project and actions in place to avoid these risks.

risks risks identified for this project current controls in place to reduce this risk
Reputational damage

Reputational risk refers to the potential for negative publicity, public perception or uncontrollable events to have an adverse impact on a company's reputation.


Regulatory compliance is an organisation's adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business processes for example Health and Safety.

Operational issues

Operational risk is the prospect of loss resulting from inadequate or failed procedures, systems or policies, employee errors, system failures, fraud or other criminal activity. Any event that disrupts business processes.

Financial misuse

Financial misuse refers to finances being spent on anything other than it was intended for without prior approval, groups going “under” and close with a series of debtors in place, unable to clawback cash, loss of resources or additional income, higher set-up or operational costs than originally calculated, appropriate financial monitoring not in place, risk of mismanagement of funds, risk of fraud.


By submitting this application you are confirming that:

  • I confirm that I have read and understand the criteria and guidelines
  • The information provided is to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate
  • If my application is successful, the grant awarded will only be used for the purposes stated in my application form
  • I agree to keep a record of all financial transactions related to the grant award and will forward receipts/invoices
  • I agree to complete the required reporting

Groups with successful grant applications will be required to consent to all terms and conditions as well as any publicity and marketing that believe housing may require. This may include, but is not limited to, press and online activities of both funds being awarded and the outcomes of approved projects. Should you carry out future promotion of the outcomes of your grant application, you must reference believe housing (using relevant brand guidelines and logo(s) where required), with approval from our communications team.

Check this box to agree to the above terms

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