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Wednesday, 24 February

coronavirus update

After the announcement of the national roadmap on gradually easing coronavirus restrictions, we are currently looking at the detail of the plan and working out when it will be appropriate to reintroduce services such as non-essential repairs. We’ll provide a detailed update as soon as possible.

winter warmers: how to prevent burst or frozen pipes

In extremely cold weather you should leave your heating on a low setting, around 15°C, or have on a timer especially if you are going away. This will keep the system ticking over and prevent pipes from freezing – just remember to switch your settings back to normal when the weather improves.

You can also arrange to have your system drained – contact our repairs service for more information.

However, if you have a burst pipe:

  1. Turn off water at the stoptap (usually in the kitchen or bathroom).
  2. Turn all cold taps on to drain the system.
  3. If water is going into or near electrical equipment, turn the electricity off at the consumer unit (the fuse box).
  4. Put a bucket under the leak, wrap a cloth around the pipe, and fasten with tape.
  5. Contact our repairs service.

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