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Friday, 17 September

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winter warmers: Reduce your risk of condensation

If you notice condensation appearing in your home whenever you cook, run a bath,  shower or dry clothes, our Repairs Team have a few simple tips to help you prevent it.


Condensation – reduce your risk

  • Wet windows and walls caused by cooking, bathing and drying clothes indoors could create mould, damp or damage to your furnishings.
  • Leave some background heating on during the day in cold weather. Around 15°C or 62°F should help
  • Don’t block your radiators or heaters with furniture when they’re on
  • Keep your fixed vents clear
  • Open your windows and vents slightly
  • Close your kitchen and bathroom doors when cooking, washing or bathing
  • Put lids on pans when you are cooking
  • Hang your washing on a clothes horse or rail instead of directly on radiators
  • Put cold water in your bath first to reduce the amount of steam.

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