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Wednesday, 24 February

coronavirus update

After the announcement of the national roadmap on gradually easing coronavirus restrictions, we are currently looking at the detail of the plan and working out when it will be appropriate to reintroduce services such as non-essential repairs. We’ll provide a detailed update as soon as possible.

believe in digital: neighbourhoods at your fingertips

20 January 2021 - Latest news, customer app

Did you know that you can report neighbourhood issues such as antisocial behaviour, vandalism and noise nuisance through our customer app?

Accessing our neighbourhoods services through our customer app is a pretty straightforward process.

Follow the steps below to find out how.

step one

You can login to our customer app using your email address and password.

If you do not already have an account, you can register for one quickly and easily.

To register, you will need your tenancy number, which can be found on rent statements and letters we’ve sent you.

step two

Once you’ve logged into the app, you’ll be greeted with a menu.

From this menu, select “Your Neighbourhood”.

step three

You’ll then be greeted with a few options:

  • estate issues
  • antisocial behaviour
  • report graffiti.

Select “antisocial behaviour” to continue.

step four

The app will then ask you to select an address to make your request from.

This is in case you rent multiple properties from us – for example, a house and a garage.

Please make sure you select the right property address for any requests to be carried out.

Then, click “Next” to continue.

step five

The app will prompt you to call 999 if the incident you are reporting is an emergency.

If it’s not an emergency, select “yes” and click next to continue.

Please note: antisocial behaviour incidents logged via the app will only be processed during office hours.

step six

You will then be greeted with several screens asking you to supply additional information about the incident.

This includes:

  • who was involved – please provide the full name(s) and addresses of anyone involved, if you know them.
  • where the incident occurred – you can use your devices location services or click and drag the pin on the map to select a location.
  • what happened – explain exactly what you saw or heard, including all swear words or offensive language, written in full.

Please supply the information on each screen, and click “next” to continue.

step seven

You will then be greeted with several screens asking you a few additional questions, including:

  • did you report the incident to the police?
  • did you report the incident to anyone else?
  • did anyone else witness the incident?

Please supply any information you can on each screen, for example a crime reference number or witness contact details, and click “next” to continue.

step eight

You will then be asked who you thought was being deliberately targeted by the incident, if applicable.

You will also be asked if the incident involved violence, threats of violence, abuse, noise or criminal behaviour.

If you select “yes”, you will greeted with these options:

  • hate crime
  • domestic abuse
  • threats of violence
  • intimidation / harassment
  • verbal abuse
  • criminal behaviour
  • drugs / alcohol
  • dangerous dogs
  • noise
  • serious youth disorder.

If you select “no”, you will be greeted with these options:

  • animal nuisance
  • vehicle nuisance
  • neighbour disputes
  • low-level youth disorder
  • vandalism.

Select the relevant option and click “next” to continue.


step nine

The app will then ask you for a contact telephone number, in case we need to contact your for further information.

You will also be asked to sign to confirm that the information you have supplied is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Then click “finish” to complete your report.

Haven’t download our customer app yet?

Downloading the believe housing customer app couldn’t be simpler … the app is free and enables you to access a wide range of services at a time and place that is convenient for you. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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