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East Durham Homes employee deserves ‘gold medal’ say tenants

24 February 2016 - Latest news

An officer at East Durham Homes has been given top marks and glowing recommendations in a survey of people that she provided with support. Sheana Martin East Durham Homes

Sheana Martin, Vulnerable Applicants Support Officer at East Durham Homes, achieved an overall rating of 9.77 out of 10 in a recent customer satisfaction survey.

And customers who had been supported by Sheana were full of praise for her work:

  • “She needs a gold medal. Nothing is too much for her. She makes me feel safe in my own home. She is one lovely woman.”
  • “Sheana was amazing with a 100% friendly, professional, approach to everything.”
  • “Before Sheana became involved I felt I had no chance of ever getting a bungalow, but with Sheana’s help, I did not only get a bungalow but I got my life back.”


Sheana said: “I was delighted to hear the great feedback I’ve been given by our customers.

“I constantly get referrals from tenants whose friends I’ve helped and I love it when people ring me for advice.

“The role can be challenging and sometimes difficult, but it’s incredibly rewarding and there’s a lot of job satisfaction from helping people who need extra support.”

In her role as Vulnerable Applicants Support Officer, Sheana provides support and advice to vulnerable and disadvantaged applicants such as the elderly, people with physical disabilities, people from ethnic minorities, and people with severe health needs who will require more help when applying for a home.

East Durham Homes states, in its policy on vulnerable customers, that: ‘parts of East Durham score highly in the government’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation’ and therefore some residents ‘may have support needs to enable them to sustain their tenancy.’

The landlord has stated a commitment to assessing customers’ individual needs and providing appropriate support to help vulnerable customers live independently in the community.

For more information on the support that is available when applying for a home email enquiry@eastdurhamhomes.co.uk or call 0800 032 0835.

Photo above: Sheana Martin, Vulnerable Applicants Support Officer.


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