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fire safety information for customers

14 December 2021 - Latest news

At believe housing the safety of customers is always our top priority.

We carry out regular checks in all our homes, but we’re always looking to work with customers to keep everyone safe. Here are some helpful tips on looking after fire safety in your garden.

Fire Pits

  • Check the weather, don’t use fire pits in windy conditions
  • Build fire pits in the open without being close to buildings, trees, branches, waste, and any other flammable materials
  • Set the fire pit on stone, brick, gravel or on slabs
  • Only use seasoned hardwood kindling or logs bought for the purpose
  • Allow the fire pit to burn for at least 30 minutes to let smoke from lighting disperse before using it
  • Keep a supply of water to hand in case you need to damp down fire
  • Children should always be supervised around a fire pit
  • Use protective gloves when handling anything on the pit
  • Ensure the fire pit has been fully extinguished when finished.


  • Avoid placing chiminea on decking or near trees and structures
  • Ensure the chiminea has a fire guard, if it doesn’t you can make one out of wire mesh
  • Ensure chimineas have been properly put out when finished
  • Don’t use chemicals such as petrol, always use seasoned kindling to create a small fire then add seasoned wood slowly
  • Chimineas are only designed for small fires, if flames start to come out of the top or guard of chiminea, it should be extinguished immediately
  • Children should always be supervised around a chiminea
  • Always use a professional approved manufactured chiminea.

Log Burners

  • Children should always be supervised around a log burner
  • Ensure log burners are not placed on decking, near trees, structures and not near any other flammable materials
  • Only use seasoned woods, and use kindling to create a small fire
  • Keep a supply of water to hand in case you need to damp down fire
  • Log burners can particularly be harmful due to the toxic smoke, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions such as COPD or asthma.

Please remember that it is illegal to burn most types of waste in the garden. Garden incinerators and other methods of burning green waste can cause a significant nuisance to neighbours and are generally discouraged.

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