Housing association commits to Bishop Auckland

15 October 2019 - Latest news

believe housing is set to invest £750,000 in its Bishop Auckland office, ensuring a presence in the town for at least the next 15 years.

Our offices in Longfield Road, South Church, will be completely refurbished as part of believe housing’s shift to a more customer focussed approach. The work will include space for up to 150 people as well as the introduction of new technology to ensure the office is fit for purpose into the future.

Work on the upgrade will begin on Friday, 18 October, with the office expected to be closed until February to allow the refit to take place. During the closure the reception desk at Longfield Road will also be closed.

Staff normally based at the Bishop Auckland office will be working remotely, to allow them to better meet the needs of customers and reduce travelling time. Investment in new IT equipment has been made to ensure that all officers from believe housing will be able to work wherever they need to across the county.

Chief Executive of believe housing, Bill Fullen, said: “We’re investing heavily in our Bishop Auckland office to ensure it meets the needs of the organisation for many years to come. But we don’t want our tenants to think that they are going to see a reduction in service during the time the office is closed. If anything, they should see a positive change from now on as our employees get to spend more time in the communities that we serve and being better equipped than ever to respond to our tenants.”

“It is important that we continue to invest in Bishop Auckland, securing jobs in one of the largest towns that we provide homes for. But, all the services we provide depend predominantly on our people and we’re providing them with the tools they need to do their job regardless of physical location. We’re moving to work in a truly believe housing way, by removing barriers to providing high quality services for all of our tenants.”

There are no other changes to arrangements for believe housing customers during the closure of the Bishop Auckland office. Phone numbers and email addresses are unchanged.

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