Landlord and schoolchildren say no to foul play

27 July 2016 - Latest news

A landlord’s work with local schoolchildren aims to shine a light on dog owners’ responsibilities. Year 4's Seth from Howden-le-Wear School with his winning poster

Dale & Valley Homes has been talking to pupils from Howden-le-Wear Primary School in Crook about what would make their local area cleaner and safer.

Children noted that dog fouling was a real issue, and despite disposal bins being provided owners were refraining from using them.

As a means of awareness raising and instilling pride in the community, the landlord ran a poster competition under the theme of ‘bag it and bin it’, with year 4’s Seth, aged 9, being selected as a worthy winner.

Laura Simpson-Jones, Customer Experience Advisor at Dale & Valley Homes, has led on the project with the school.

She said: “We are committed to working with young people to become more involved in their community.

“This project is one of many successful school programmes where pupils have made a real impact on their local environment.

“Seth’s winning poster will be displayed at the school gates, as well as being sent to homes in the surrounding areas, to really show residents that the younger generation mean business.”

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