Landlord stresses the importance of gas safety following near miss

27 August 2015 - Latest news

A city centre landlord is reminding tenants of the importance of gas safety around the home following a potentially fatal accident.

A member of Durham City Homes’ Tenancy Enforcement Team was going about her day-to-day duties in the Gilesgate area when she thought she could smell gas in one of the communal areas of a block of flats.

Luckily she acted fast and following a few calls, Gas Emergency Services were on the scene confirming that there were high concentrations of the potentially poisonous substance in one particular flat.

The tenant was not at home, and the team set to work to notify all other residents in the block, making the area safe, isolating all electronic doors and ventilating the area.

Terry Hart, Mechanical Officer at Durham City Homes, said: “Thankfully we were able to get in touch with the tenant who was out at the time.

“When entering the flat, we found that two hob burners were omitting gas but were not ignited, and it turns out that they had been accidentally switched on earlier in the day.”

The gas was then isolated by specialists, the property fully ventilated and made safe before the tenant was once again allowed access.

Durham City Homes, which manages around 5,800 properties as part of believe housing, is now reminding tenants that you can never be careful enough when it comes to gas safety around the home and is urging people to make sure all appliances are fully turned off when not in use.

Terry continued: “This case had potentially serious implications and fortunately we were able to act quickly.

“As a landlord we carry out annual gas services to all of our properties to ensure that all appliances and heating systems are safe.”

If residents think they can smell gas, they should call National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999 and refrain from smoking, using naked flames or turning any electrical appliances on or off.

For more information on reporting repairs to your home click here.

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