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new repairs videos launched

12 October 2020 - Latest news

A new series of short and easy to follow videos covering basic repairs around the home are now available.

The videos have been created to help believe housing tenants complete tasks like unblocking a sink or bleeding a radiator, without having to wait for a repair appointment. They have been prioritised after success with video calling for simple repairs during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Director of property repairs at believe housing, Rachel Cox, said: “Using video to help tenants with some basic work during the lockdown was really useful and was well received by customers.

“So, we’ve moved on and now we have a series of high-quality, easy to follow videos on our website that customers can go straight to. They’re all the kind of jobs that are easy to manage with a minimum of tools, experience or materials and have no great costs involved.

“We have to acknowledge that it is almost always going to take us longer to get out to a home to fix a blocked sink than it would for our customers to sort out the problem themselves.

“We completely appreciate that not all customers will be able to do all of these jobs themselves for a variety of reasons, and we’ll still be here to help. But these self-help videos will mean that we’ve got more time and resources available to carry out repairs for our customers that really need them.”

There are already more than 20 self-help videos, less than a couple of minutes long each. The range of videos will be expanded over time based on the most common simple repairs requests received.

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