Tenants reminded that services moving to phone and web following review

23 March 2016 - Latest news

Durham City Homes tenants are being reminded that from the end of March they will no longer be able to access thelogo_dc landlord’s services through Clayport Customer Access Point.

A recent review found that the facility was vastly underused and the majority of tenants prefer to access services online or over the phone.

Customer Service and Support Manager, Helen Thompson, said: “Historically, we’ve had an agreement with Durham County Council to have an access point at Clayport for tenants to make enquiries and payments.

“But when we reviewed the number of people using the facility, we found that it was vastly underused and is no longer our tenants’ preferred way to contact us.

“From Friday, 1 April 2016, Durham City Homes will no longer have a presence at the city’s Clayport Customer Access Point.

“Tenants can access information online at www.durhamcityhomes.co.uk and can speak to us directly by calling freephone 0800 068 0013.

“And for those who need face-to-face help, we still have employees out and about across the county on a daily basis who can visit people at home.

“As a result we are still able to assist customers while providing better value for money at the same time.”


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