welcome to the june 2021 issue | believe housing

welcome to the june 2021 issue

7 June 2021 - Latest news

At believe housing we’re preparing for the next stage of coronavirus restrictions, whatever they may be.

For the last few months all of us have been eagerly awaiting the next step on the government’s coronavirus roadmap. Gradually restrictions have been reduced and we’ve been able to return more of the services we offer to customers.

This time around as we approach Monday, June 21 and the next stage of the planned roadmap things are perhaps not quite as certain. Anyone who has seen the news on TV or read a newspaper will be very familiar with the new concerns over variants of Covid-19. So, while we’re all hoping that we’ll be seeing fewer restrictions later this month, we’re not taking our eye off the ball in case something else entirely happens.

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that it’s all doom and gloom though. One of the most positive steps you’ll see in this issue is that we’ve taken further steps to return our repairs service back to pre-coronavirus timetables. There are now very few jobs that face delays and we’ll be able to provide appointments at the next convenient time via our customer app from Monday, June 14.

We’re immensely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by our colleagues in repairs and maintenance during the pandemic. They’ve worked hard in sometimes difficult circumstances to keep customers safe. We’ve brought in extra resources to get through the repairs that we weren’t able to complete at the height of coronavirus restrictions as well. This is a significant point in our own roadmap.

I appreciate that many of you have been frustrated at times, but throughout the pandemic we have maintained our focus on safety. We’ve prioritised safety critical jobs like gas servicing and we’ve worked hard to reduce the risks around Covid-19. We know that was the right thing to do for everyone.

And while we can’t predict what the government will announce next on coronavirus, I’m confident that we’re as prepared as possible to deliver the services believe housing customer depend on.

In the meantime, I’d like to remind you all that the support and advice available to all customers during the pandemic is still here. So, whether you’re worried about finding a new job, concerned about getting your finances in order, or even just looking for new ways to keep your community group going; believe housing is here.


Best wishes

Bill Fullen

Chief Executive

believe housing

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