become an engaged customer and have your say on believe housing

At believe housing, we value our customers’ opinions.

More than 200 customers have already agreed to be consulted from time to time, when we’re reviewing specific services or issues.

These Engaged Customers get involved in various ways including joining focus groups, customer journey-mapping, website-testing and taking part in occasional surveys.

Engaged Customers might be contacted by believe housing to take part in a telephone survey if they have been in touch with one of our teams that look after safer neighbourhoods, housing matters, capital works, tenancy sustainment, money matters or complaints.

And market research company BMG Research might contact Engaged Customers by telephone after they’ve been involved with colleagues who look after our gas safety, property repairs, or new build developments.

We would like more believe housing customers to sign up as engaged customers.

So, if you’re happy to share your views and want to help shape how we do things, we’d love to hear from you.

You can tell us how you want to be contacted and if there are any topics you have a particular interest in.

To get involved, please fill in the form here.