transparency and reports

At believe housing, we aim to be transparent with our customers and stakeholders by making relevant and useful documents easy for you to access.

Annual reports

Read our latest annual report to learn more about our performance during the period April 2020 to March 2021.

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Value for money

Maintaining believe housing’s financial viability is essential to the delivery of our plans.

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Corporate Plan

When we launched our plan in April 2020, we set out the big ambitions that we wanted to achieve to help us realise our vision of life without barriers.

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between men and women across an organisation.

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Transparency Statement

Here at believe housing, we aim to be open and accountable to our customers and stakeholders.

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The Procurement Team at believe housing is responsible for the lifecycle of all contracts through sourcing, procuring, and contract management.

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our service standards

By working with tenants and other stakeholders, we have developed a set of standards that clearly explain what our customers can expect from us.

Our Service Standards

About Us

We are an innovative, multi-award-winning, not-for-profit housing association. It is investing heavily to deliver life without barriers in homes and communities.

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Within our policies section, you can find more information regarding all of our policies and procedures, which detail how we operate and why we deliver services in the way that we do.

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Vision and values

We exist to create a place where everyone feels they belong by challenging the assumptions of the past and present.

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