former tenants

If you leave your home and do not take up another tenancy with us you will become a former tenant.

things to consider …

If there are rent arrears at the end of your tenancy we will continue to pursue these. Rent arrears are what you owe in unpaid rent and can be caused by missing payments, paying late or only part-paying.

You should clear your rent account when you terminate your tenancy – ideally in one payment.

We realise this is not always possible, and if that is the case you should contact us to arrange an agreement to repay the money you owe. This agreement will be set at a level that you can afford.

We will ask for your forwarding address so that repayments can be monitored effectively.

If you think there has been a mistake made regarding your arrears let us know. We will be able to examine your rent account and sort out any problems.

Please note that if you continue not to make payments to clear your rent arrears we can summon you to court to get an order for payment.