Value for money standard

Maintaining believe housing’s financial viability is essential to the delivery of our plans. In order to create an environment for long-lasting business success and growth, we need to transform our finances by focusing on cost reduction, efficiencies

As a registered provider of social housing, we’re required to meet the Regulator of Social Housing’s (RSH’s) Value for Money Standard and publish evidence in relation to our:

  • performance against our own Value For Money Standard targets and metrics set out by the RSH, and how our performance compares to our peers
  • measurable plans to address any areas of under-performance, including clearly stating any areas where we feel improvements would not be appropriate and our rationale for this.

In addition to the information published in our statutory accounts, we have also chosen to publish an Added Value Annual Review for 2017/18. This review provides extra details on what we’ve achieved this year to add value to our organisation, and sets out plans for 2018/19.

Contrary to popular belief, value for money isn’t just about cutting costs. It’s making sure that we get the best return for every pound we spend, and achieving the right balance between the ‘three Es’ – economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Download the documents

You can read our added value annual review for 2017/18, as well as our added value self-assessments from previous years, here. Please note these reviews refer to County Durham Housing Group and its subsidiaries, prior to their consolation and the launch of believe housing: