repairs and maintenance

believe housing is committed to delivering a high-quality, modern and effective repairs and maintenance service to provide homes that are comfortable, maintained and safe for people to live in.

Keeping your home in a good condition

Keeping your home in a good condition is important to us and we aim to provide a responsive service that is efficient and provides value for money.

Our Property Repairs Team is equipped to ensure that we can respond to any request within our areas of responsibility but there are certain minor repairs that are the responsibility of our customers.

We will not carry out repairs that are the result of damage by you or any visitors you have at your home. Or, if we do carry out these repairs, we will charge you and this payment will be expected prior to works commencing.

Essential safety checks are to protect yourself, your family and your property and also reduce the need for future repairs and problems that may arise. If you have outstanding essential safety checks that are required in your property such as the annual gas safety check or electrical check then if you report any emergency repairs to us we will arrange to carry out the safety check at the same time. If you report any non-emergency repairs then we’ll arrange to carry out the safety checks before the non-emergency repair appointment.

On some occasions you may find that we arrange for one of our contractors to carry out your repair. All of our contractors are fully vetted and everyone who visits your home will always carry identification to advise they are working on behalf of believe housing.

All of our employees and contractors carry identification cards. External agencies carry a letter of authorisation issued by us. Always ask to see some form of identification before you let anyone into your home.