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believe housing at your fingertips

We know that making it as easy as possible to contact us is of real importance to our customers.

And in a digital world, why wouldn’t we offer you this service from your mobile device?

Our new customer app will make managing your tenancy a lot simpler.

From the tap of a button you will be able to:

  • request a repair
  • pay your rent
  • check your balance
  • request a statement
  • let us know about any estate issues
  • get in touch
  • and much more!

Any customer who is the primary or joint tenant for a current tenancy will be able to see their details on the app.

How can I download it?

Smartphone users should visit the App Store or Google Play depending on their device and search for believe housing.

To log in you will need your tenancy number, your date of birth, a valid email address and contact telephone number.

If you need help with our customer app, please get in touch through our online form.


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