adjusting a composite door keep

Find out how to adjust composite door keeps.

Door keeps are designed to secure a door shut, but can wear or move over time with friction. This video will take you through some simple steps to adjust your composite door keeps.

For this repair you will need:

  • a pozidriv screwdriver

You can also follow along with the steps below

When the door is open, you will see two keeps – one at the top and at the bottom of the door.

The keep will have two screws which can be used to adjust the position of the keeps.

Slightly loosen the screws and move the keep across into the correct position.

Tighten the screws back up to secure the keep into place.

When the door keeps are adjusted correctly, the door should pull in when you lift the handle.

If you do not see any movement, adjust the door keeps again.

top tip

It’s important to check the keep at the bottom of the door, as well as the top.