changing a lock barrel

Find out how to change a lock barrel.

Lock barrels can break, or sometimes need replacing for other reasons. This video takes you through some simple steps to show you how to change a lock barrel.

For this repair you will need:

  • New lock barrel, keys and fixing bolt
  • Tape measure
  • Pozidriv screwdriver

You can also follow along with the steps below.

Measure the length of the lock barrel from the middle to the edge, on both sides, to ensure you get the right size.

The required barrel length will be these two measurements added together.

To remove the old barrel, start by unscrewing the fixing bolt in the middle.

Then turn the key to a slight angle to release the lock, and slide the barrel out.

Slide the new barrel into position, then turn the key to lock it into place.

Then, secure the new barrel with the fixing bolt and test the door to make sure it locks.

top tip

When putting in the new barrel, slightly turn the key to align to allow the barrel to slide in past the handles.