changing a toilet seat

Find out how to change a toilet seat.

Do you need to know how to change your toilet seat? This video takes you through some quick and simple steps to replace your old toilet seat.

For this repair you will need:

  • A new toilet seat
  • Wipes
  • Pliers


You can also follow along with the steps below:

Remove your old toilet seat by loosening the bolts on the back underneath.

Lift off the toilet seat and place it on the floor.

Wipe down the toilet before you fit the new seat.

Align your toilet seat on the toilet using the fixing holes on the back.

For each side of the toilet seat you will have a bolt and a nut.  The bolt goes through the top and the nut tightens underneath from the bottom.

Place the bolt through the hole in the top, locate the bottom of it with the nut underneath, and tighten it with your hands.

Repeat the process on the other side.

Check your toilet is lined up and tight.  Close the brackets on the back of the toilet seat and test it by opening and closing the lid to make sure it’s working.

top tip

Sometimes when removing an old toilet seat the bolts can be stiff, using a pair of pliers can help loosen them up.