changing a window handle

Find out how to replace a broken window handle.

If your window handle no longer works, you may need to replace it. This video will walk you through some quick and easy steps on how to change a window handle.

For this repair you will need:

  • A new window handle
  • A pozidriv screwdriver

You can also follow along with the steps below.

Unlock the window handle, so you can turn it to gain access to the bolt underneath.

Remove the first bolt, then return the handle to the closed position.

Remove the cover plate from the top of the window handle and remove the second bolt.

You can now safely remove the old window handle.

To attach your new handle, make sure the spindle is lined up and then fix it in place with the bolts.

Finally, you can refit the cover plate and check the operation of the window and the lock.

top tip

When fitting a window handle, always start with the top bolt.

Once the top bolt is fitted, you can move the handle into the upright position to gain access for the second bolt.