roofing tips

Find out some tips on how to check your roof.

Under no circumstances should you try and carry out any roofing repairs on your own. in an emergency, please call us on 0300 1311 999.

Damage to a roof is not only a problem in itself, but can lead to other issues such as water damage and higher utility bills. This video will give you through some simple tips to check your roof for any signs of damage.

step one

Check your down pipes and guttering. Both of these can become loose or damaged, but guttering can also become blocked.

step two

Check your fascia boards and soffits for any signs of damage. These can be made of UPVC or wood.

step three

Tiles can be damaged or even blown off in bad weather. Check your roof tiles, as well as your ridge tiles, which can be found on any apex.

step four

Check your lead flashing for any signs of breakage or coming loose. This can be found both above roof tiles and below chimneys.

step five

Check your roof “verges”. These act as a seal and help to hold the roof tiles in place. Over time, they can crack or become loose through water damage, frost, or even the natural settling of your home.

step six

Check any “valleys” where two roofs meet – for example, above a porch or around a bay window. These can either be made of plastic or lead, and can crack or become loose.

top tip

If you have any roofing emergencies, please call us immediately on 0300 1311 999.

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