estate issues

believe housing is committed to maintaining neighbourhoods in a clean, tidy and safe condition addressing any estate issues you may have.

Our neighbourhood teams are out and about in all weathers, making sure our estates are clean and safe, cutting our grass verges, and getting rid of graffiti and litter.

Our regular neighbourhood inspections are an opportunity for us to flag any issues and also for our customers to raise any areas of concern. We can then agree what will be done to tackle an issue.

We also work closely with Durham County Council in our neighbourhoods, in relation to land and tree management.

To help us make our communities great places to live, we ask our customers to work with us by:

  • Putting all rubbish in the correct containers, and not fly-tipping (you can arrange removal of any bulk waste through the council).
  • Not dropping litter.
  • Not letting dogs foul in any outside areas, including gardens and pathways, and picking up any mess.
  • Reporting any issues to the council and letting us know if you spot something that needs to be dealt with by us.