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fire safety in your home

Your home will receive regular safety checks from believe housing to ensure your safety

There are many steps that you can take to prevent a fire starting.
In the kitchen:
  • Keep your cooker clear
  • Don’t leave the kitchen unattended when cooking
  • Avoid deep frying wherever possible
  • Keep tea towels and cloths away from the hob.
In the living room or bedroom:
  • Keep any candles in a heat resistant holder and never leave them unattended
  • Don’t use portable heaters, unless agreed with your neighbourhood officer
  • If you smoke, make sure to stub out cigarettes thoroughly and dispose of
    them carefully
  • Keep any matches or lighters out of the reach of children
  • Never smoke in bed.
In communal areas:
  • Do not store anything in communal areas including rubbish, bikes, clothes
    and shoes, prams or mobility scooters
  • Keep all storage cupboards locked
  • Never keep flammable items like liquids or gas in storage cupboards.
In flats or buildings with communal areas, fire doors are fitted to prevent the spread of fire. All entry doors to individual flats are also fire resistant.

Access doors to buildings and homes are fitted with self-closing devices designed to contain fire and smoke. Never wedge open a fire door, tamper with a self-closing mechanism or change the door in any way.

In the unlikely event of a fire evacuation:
  • If there is a fire in your home, get out quickly
  • If there is smoke, keep low to the ground
  • If possible close doors behind you to prevent the spread of smoke and fire
  • Get yourself and any other family members to safety
  • Call 999
  • Do not re-enter the building.
If you can’t escape:
  • Get everyone into one room and close the door
  • Smoke and fumes can kill people quickly, so put bedding or towels along the bottom of any doors to seal the gap
  • Open the window and stay near it for fresh air and to let firefighters see you
  • Shout for help so neighbours can offer assistance and call the fire brigade
  • If you are on the ground or first floor, you may be able to escape from a window
  • If you must break the window, cover the jagged glass with towels or thick bedding
  • Throw more bedding out of the window to break your fall
  • Don’t jump out of the window – lower yourself down to arm’s length and
    drop to the ground
  • If you have any children, elderly or disabled people with you, plan the
    order you that will escape in so you can help them down
  • Do not stop or go back in for any reason.

More community fire safety information can be found on the County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service website. 

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