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heating and hot water

No heating or hot water?

There are many reasons heating or hot water may go off in a property. Here are some of the things to look out for:

has your gas supply been interrupted?

  • check that your gas appliances such as your fire, boiler and cooker are working correctly – if these appliances appear to have stopped working, your gas supply may have been interrupted.
  • check your gas meter – if you have a card/key gas meter and the display shows ‘off’, try resetting it with your card/key. If that doesn’t work then please contact your gas supplier.
  • check the emergency control tap next to the meter – make sure this has not accidentally been turned off. To do this, the 12 o’clock position will turn the tap on and the three o’clock position will turn it off.

do your gas appliances require electricity?

  • check the main switch – make sure this hasn’t been turned off accidentally. The switch is located next to the boiler or programmer.
  • check other electricals – see if anything else electrical in the property has stopped working such as plug sockets or lights.
  • check the fuse/trip box – make sure that this is turned to the ‘on’ position.

are all of your heating controls demanding heat?

  • check that the programmer is in the ‘constant/on’ position.
  • check that the selector controls on the boiler are in the ‘on’ position.
  • check that the room thermostat is turned up or that the AA batteries haven’t run out. Turn the temperature up to 30 degrees and allow some time for the radiators to warm.
  • if the boiler has locked out, this will show a flashing light or ‘F’ fault code on the display unit. If this has happened, press the reset button. This can sometimes help our engineers to diagnose over the phone.
  • check that no hot water is running or dripping and that taps are fully turned off.
  • check that there is sufficient pressure in the system. The pressure gauge on your boiler should read between one and one and a half bar.
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