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Friday, 17 September

coronavirus update

We will be offering a full repairs service from Monday, September 20.

Temporary changes were put in place due to changing coronavirus restrictions.

Please be aware that a small number of appointments may still take slightly longer to complete due to materials shortages that are impacting all sectors.


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winter warmers: top travel tips

If and when the road conditions are bad, only travel when absolutely necessary:

  • Plan ahead – check the state of the roads before you set off.
  • Check your car – are your tyres correctly inflated, do you have plenty low-temperature screen wash, antifreeze, and fuel?
  • Take an emergency kit (spade, blanket, food and drink) and make sure your phone is charged.
  • Drive carefully and allow extra time – steer, brake and accelerate gently and leave bigger gaps between you and the car in front.
  • In severe weather it is advisable to use public transport rather than your own car. For the latest timetables and information click here.

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