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Monday, 20 June

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winter warmers: what to do if your electricity goes off

If you find yourself without any electric or power this winter, here’s our Repairs Team with a few tips.

  1. Check your consumer unit (the fuse box)
  2. If any switches have tripped to the ‘off’ position, put them back to ‘on’.
  3. If the switch will not reset, you may have a faulty appliance or wiring to check. Contact our repairs service for further advice.
  4. While the supply is off, switch off any electric fires or heaters, and avoid opening freezer doors.
  5. If all house and external street lights are off call Northern Powergrid on 0800 66 88 77. Under normal weather conditions, supplies are usually restored within three hours.
  6. If smoke or sparks are coming from sockets or switches, turn off the electricity at the consumer unit and report it to our repairs service.

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