If you are experiencing a neighbour dispute, and you cannot resolve it by speaking to each other, mediation could help.

When will believe housing offer mediation?

We will always act to deal with antisocial behaviour relating to our homes and customers, and to support victims.

If there is no serious criminality involved,   to stop an issue escalating is mediation.

If both parties agree, we can refer a case to an independent mediator to help them work out an agreement which aims to resolve the issue. This is a free service offered to believe customers.

How does it work?

The mediator (who is an impartial professional) will contact both parties for an outline of the situation from their perspective, and to understand what they want to gain from mediation and whether mediation is the most appropriate intervention.

The mediator will then arrange a time for the parties to meet, face to face, in a neutral location.

If they aren’t ready to meet, in certain circumstances, the session can be held on the phone.

The mediator will facilitate a conversation about the issues and potential solutions.

They will ensure all parties adhere to a set of ground rules, so everyone gets a chance to speak and share their point of view.

At the end of the session the parties will be encouraged to agree a solution or compromise that addresses the issue. Sometimes this is a written agreement.

The mediation service is confidential, and the parties can withdraw at any time in the process although we would encourage customers to see the process through.


“Mediation is a safe place. The parties are not always going to agree but it is not a blame game. “Having a conversation, where everyone is listened to, can give the parties a better understanding of the other side. “Often those involved might be upset by the same issue but hearing it from the other’s perspective and recognising the impact it is having is important. “Simply talking to each other, with a mediator there, can clear the air and help people find a way forward. The results can be positive and long-lasting.” Mediator, Michelle.

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