kevan wales

Board member

Board Members

After working in the United Arab Emirates as a mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry, Kevan worked for the Home Office and Ministry of Justice as a civil servant for more than 25 years. He took a leading role in the development, implementation and regular reviews of business plans. He also developed and regularly reviewed risk registers. Kevan is passionate and proud of the diverse community he lives in and, as a current tenant, is committed to actively contributing to decision-making to ensure that the group delivers the best possible services to its customers.

Board members

Our Board is the voluntary group who support and govern our senior management team.

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Executive Team

The Executive Management Team provide leadership, direction, and inspiration for believe housing.

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Values Group

Comprising mainly of tenants, the Values Group is the voice of our customers.

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Vision and values

We exist to create a place where everyone feels they belong by challenging the assumptions of the past and present.

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