new partnership will help home improvements contract ‘achieve more’ for tenants, businesses and north east region

A multi-million-pound contract to improve social homes across the north east of England will be delivered by a new strategic partnership that has been created to maximise its impact on the region.   

believe housing will make significant internal and external improvements to around 5,600 of its homes over the next four years, in a contract worth up to £62.4m (gross).  

To deliver the works, starting this month (April 2024), five North East organisations have established the be:ONE strategic partnership.   

Led by believe housing, the partnership includes Buston & Maughan Group, RE:GEN Group, Sendrig Construction Limited and Sunter Limited.  

Thanks to the long-term contract and this new collaborative approach, instead of competing the businesses will work together to improve customer experience, achieve significant savings, and maximise the impact of social value in communities.

There is a strong focus on supporting the local economy and employment, with a commitment to create new jobs and apprenticeships and allowing business growth.  

And they aim to cut carbon emissions, reduce waste, and increase recycling.  

Ruth Dent, Director of Assets and Compliance at believe housing, said: “We’re passionate about providing healthy homes that are fit for the future and, while this investment will improve the homes of thousands of our customers, we want its impact to go much further.  

“All too often in the sector, contractors are not given the visibility they need to be able to upskill and invest. We want to change this, and by doing so we can all achieve more.   

“At believe housing we are proud to have had real successes by taking a more collaborative approach and by being open and transparent with our partners.  

“This new be:ONE partnership will continue this by bringing contractors together with a common goal. Working as one team we can exchange best practices, streamline operations, drive performance and innovation, and amplify our social value offer.  

“It will improve outcomes for customers, and help the businesses to support one another’s growth and, ultimately, support the north east housing and construction sector.    

“We’re desperately keen to make sure the pounds we spend stay local, so the people who live and work in our homes and communities feel the full benefit of believe housing’s investment.”  

Procurement consultancy Prosper, which specialises in the delivery of bespoke end-to-end procurement solutions, facilitated the unique partnership.  

Rod Brasington, CEO of Prosper, said: “Our team of procurement experts worked with believe housing to understand their desired objectives and outcomes and then facilitated the formation of the new partnership through our contractor framework – providing them with a compliant, cost-efficient and effective procurement solution.  

“We were able to bring all three delivery partners to the partnership who, despite offering similar services, have come together to share a common goal and purpose of helping our client to achieve their goals and desired outcomes for their residents.”  

“It is good to collaborate, and this partnership will allow us to work together, not compete, so everyone can do what they are best at doing.”

Director Michael Buston

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with believe housing and other partners. We’ll be able to enhance the lives of believe housing customers and the communities we work in.”

RE:GEN Managing Director (North East), Jonathan Horner

“It is a different approach to see businesses come together as partners with shared goals. The openness and the approach of all partners is refreshing, and I look forward to seeing it work well. For Sendrig, the security of work helps us directly employ local people which is good for everyone in the partnership and the local environment as it keeps employment and spending in the area.”

Sendrig’s Senior Commercial Manager, Gary Dillon

“I hope this is the future going forward. I’d love to see more people we work with take this approach, so the focus isn’t always on profit margins but on working in a way that is good for everyone. We’re firm believers in employing local labour and the security of this partnership arrangement means we can say to staff we have guaranteed work and that is a rare and valuable thing in this sector.”

Kevin Stubbs, a Director at Sunter