petwell crescent consultation

planning homes for the future – petwell crescent consultation

believe housing’s Board has been looking at options for the future of homes on Petwell Crescent in Easington.

After careful consideration, it decided to consult customers about possible demolition of these homes.

That consultation starts on Monday, 8 April.

Why are we doing this?

Built in the 1950s and early 1960s, these 49 bungalows have been prone to surface water flooding and many have required extensive repairs due to water damage to the floors and brickwork. They are also difficult to keep warm and would require significant work to meet government energy efficiency requirements. And, the small size and design of the homes means they are no longer considered to work well for older customers.

The Board looked carefully at all these factors along with the cost and considerable disruption to residents of carrying out the immediate repairs, which would require customers to move into alternative accommodation. Finally, it considered whether, if all the required work was undertaken, the bungalows in Petwell Crescent would be the kind of homes that believe housing aspires to provide its customers.

What happens now?

The consultation period starts on Monday, 8 April and will conclude on Monday, 20 May.

The results of the consultation will be taken into consideration by the Board in reaching a final decision. Tenants will be informed of the outcome. Should it result in demolition, help and support will be immediately available.

For more information, please read the following documents:

Consultation letter
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