Annual reports

Read our latest annual report to learn more about our performance during the period April 2020 to March 2021.

Few could have foreseen the global events of recent years, but believe housing put customers first during the coronavirus pandemic.

We reacted quickly and found new ways to support our customers, ensuring that safety in the home was our number one priority throughout.

Whether it was providing money support using video calls or helping customers to unblock their sink with an informative YouTube video, we found new ways to get things done.

believe housing didn’t take its eye off the ball on longer-term goals. Major investments in new and existing homes have continued at pace. Crucially, we’ve also increased overall customer satisfaction.

Download previous annual reports

Download our annual reports from the last few years to learn more about our performance of believe housing.

Key takeaways from the latest report

During the year 2020/21, we have:


customer satisfaction with repairs


adaptions completed


small community grants given


customers helped into employment


About Us

We are an innovative, multi-award-winning, not-for-profit housing association. It is investing heavily to deliver life without barriers in homes and communities.

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Within our policies section, you can find more information regarding all of our policies and procedures, which detail how we operate and why we deliver services in the way that we do.

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Corporate Plan

When we launched our plan in April 2020, we set out the big ambitions that we wanted to achieve to help us realise our vision of life without barriers.

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