Shared tenancy

We offer shared tenancies in our homes, helping provide an alternative to shared houses in the private rented sector.

what is a shared tenancy?

A shared tenancy means that two people can share a home and each will have their own, separate tenancy agreement, but they will share the living costs.

You could now share a two-bedroom flat. By sharing, you will also pay less for your rent, utility bills and council tax and other bills, as you share them equally with your housemate.

You may have someone in mind to share with such as a friend or a family member, and that’s fine; you can approach us about sharing together.

Properties will be available for shared tenancies across all our areas; you just need to talk to us about where you would like to live, and we’ll see what properties we have available.

We reserve the right to refuse access to a shared tenancy if we believe the tenancy is not suitable or sustainable for the applicant.

To qualify for shared tenancies, applicants need to register or be registered with Durham Key Options.