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Monday, 20 June

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green plan

our environmental pledge

As one of the largest housing associations in the north east, we recognise the impact our business activities can have on the environment and how as a responsible organisation, we can take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

believe housing’s pledge sets out the environmental aims and commitments which will ensure our organisation fulfils its sustainability ambitions and corporate objectives, including respecting and protecting the environment.


our people

  • We will engage with our people and encourage positive behaviour change to reduce climate impact through influencing individual choices.
  • We will provide our people with the information and skills to gain a greater understanding of climate change.
  • we will work with a variety of businesses to help our people access support, guidance and funding.

our customers

  • We will engage with customers and encourage positive behaviour change. Through influencing individual choices, we will reduce fuel poverty and lessen climate impact.
  • We will support the community with environmental initiatives and projects to improve their neighbourhoods.
  • We will engage with businesses in our community to help our customers access more sustainable services.

our business

  • We will improve the energy efficiency of our operational buildings and work towards zero carbon homes.
  • We will develop plans for renewable energy products and the use of smart technology.
  • We will develop low carbon transport modes.
  • We will reduce volumes of waste and increase opportunities to reuse and recycle, including sustainable resourcing of materials.

The Environmental Manager is responsible for implementing and developing this environmental pledge. Progress will be driven through a detailed action plan, with time-specific actions and targets for each objective.

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