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Asbestos is a natural fibrous rock that was widely used within homes and other buildings until 1999.

It is most commonly found in corrugated roofing sheets, roof slates and tiles, soffit boards under roof fascia and decorative textured coatings (Artex-type materials).

Other areas that might contain asbestos are roofing felts made from bitumen; guttering and rainwater pipes; pads fitted beneath stainless-steel sinks; cold-water tanks in loft spaces; central-heating boiler flue; tiles; slate; canopies and firebreaks above ceilings; wall boarding to internal partitions; airing cupboards; shelving or ducts; heating-insulation gaskets; seals and panels behind or under ducts; panels on or inside fire-resisting doors; toilet cisterns; and floor tiles and lino or cushion-flooring.

Generally asbestos is perfectly safe if it is not disturbed or damaged; however if materials containing it are, for example, drilled, cut or sanded, then fibres can be released into the air. If the fibres are inhaled, they can be a health risk and can cause a range of serious illnesses.

If we are carrying out improvements to your home, we need to know what materials containing asbestos may be in your property before work can start. If you do not allow the surveyor into your home it could cause a delay.

If we discover asbestos, we will decide what needs to be done to make it safe.

Please note:

  • All asbestos work should be carried out by a trained and competent person
  • You need permission from us before carrying out any work that may disturb asbestos
  • Never place asbestos waste in your bins – by law it must be disposed of by a licensed waste carrier.
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